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Today’s blog post is going to be a different one to what I would normally do. As you know I am a fashion and beauty blogger. I don’t really do many lifestyle or any others. But I’m expanding my horizons and today I am going to do a how to start a blog post.

I am doing this post because recently lots of you have been asking for tips so instead of answering all your comments I will do it all in this blog post. I hope you enjoy! 

If you want to be included in the next Q&A or want to ask me questions for a post that I ask them for my Instagram is: florally.eden

Q: @cutetipping asked: How to get people to read your blog? 

A: Well what I think helps people to read it is to ask them what blog posts they want to see so that they are interested in what you post! 💜

Q: @beautyandpizza asked: how to get more people to follow you and to get people to read your blog?

A: I would advertise your blog on your social Medias and to get people to read it ask them what they want to see on your blog.

Q: @bethanylouisee_ asked: how to actually stay motivated and keep an upload schedule?

A: To keep motivated I just think how much love all you guys give me and that people will read them and for an uploads schedule choose one that’s realistic and hat you can do and also pre write some if you know that you can’t do it that week! ❤️

Q: @xoxannalee asked: how do you start a blog and after you start what are the best things to blog about? 

A: To start a blog you need to find a website that you want to create it on. Follow their steps and create a banner and then advertise it! I can’t really tell you what the best things to blog about are but choose what you want your blog to be about and then choose your blog posts! Also people have done posts on what you could write for one! 

Q: @floralellarose asked: how do you make sure you have constant new ideas? 

A: To more sure I have constant new ideas I research and read lots of other blogs and read lists of different blog posts I can do. I normally pre- write loads so I don’t have to think of ideas last minute!

The most important thing is to enjoy it and be happy with what you produce! It isn’t all about the likes even though it’s nice to gain support! Just have fun and roam free! 😝 

So guys I hoped this helped you, if you want to start a blog I totally recommend WordPress! Thanks again for all your continual support! 😽

Love Floral Eden 🌸



  1. May 16, 2016 / 6:06 pm

    This was sooo good xx

    • May 16, 2016 / 6:44 pm

      Aw thank you babe 🙂 love you lots xxx

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