How to Style Summer Swimwear ♡

Hello lovelies, ♡
So today’s blog post is going to be quite a exciting one for me to do. I’m working with the brand AdoreMe who are a Lingerie & Swimwear brand to produce for you a summer swimwear post! Basically I am taking some photos from their beautiful website and I am going to be saying what I would style the one piece swimsuits with and I’ll give you some tips etc! I really hope you enjoy and I am very grateful to AdoreMe for contacting me! 😋💗

AdoreMe Pinterest for some more inspiration: AdoreMe Pinterest

The first swimming costume is just a plain dark blue one with some lace up detailing and some ruffles! It’s a really Beautiful simple one! 👍🏼

 I thought to go with this one, I would wear a bright pink strappy top which is from Tesco and pair it with a white Superdry skirt which I love a lot! On my feet I would wear some kind of flip flops because tug will either be going to the beach or the pool so I chose my Havaianas which are literally my favourite shoes ever! I would also add some kind of hat so I chose my floppy one from Peacocks which is really cute! I would also maybe take a bag or something and also a book to keep you entertained but as long as you are wearing something you love and that you won’t get too hot in that’s what matters the moist also that it goes! 😚

Next we have a red swimming costume with roses patterned all over it this is my personal favourite of all of them it is beautiful! 😍

I would pair this with any jumpsuit that is plain because of the detailed swimmer costume! Mine although a little creased is from Newlook and some Primark hard flip flops and a cute side bag also from Newloook! Just a bit more of a simple Prost because you don’t want to clash the costume too much because it is stunning! Any style though! ✨

Another plain costume is just a plain black one with a cut gap and it just looks really flattering really! 🌷

I would pair with this my black floral crop top from Newlook and my white lacy shorts from Peacocks but any crop top and shorts would work! To add a little bit of cuteness to the outfit maybe add a hair band or flower crown etc! I added my Minnie Mouse ears which are the cutest things of life! Then I just had a bag to carry all my essentials in! This is really important aswell! 👸🏼

The last costume I’m styling is a really beautiful patterned strapless one! It has a cut it at the front and it’s just another beautiful one like all the others! 🙋🏼

With this one I would style my throw over wrap thing from Primark which has stripes all over it and I would wear my Havaianas or any other flip flops! And to add some pure cuteness to the purist I added my daisy flower crown from new look! I think it really puts the outfit  together! 💍

Just express your own style with these swimming costumes, have fun and I hope I have helped you and given you tips on how you could style it and style it well! 🙈

Thanks again from all the continual support I get off you, it means the world! 🌍⛅️💫

Love Floral Eden 🌸



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