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Hello lovelies, ♡
Welcome to October! So I don’t know where September just went but I’m not complaining as it’s one less month until Christmas and my birthday! I hope you all are having a lovely day but if not I hope my blog and my posts brighten your day! ✨

Today’s post is actually a review of some lovely products I was sent from a company called Nurbesten. They have an online shop with lots of different things on it from makeup to jewellery. They are such good prices and the quality is amazing! They sent me 5 things of my choice from the website and I’m going to be reviewing them today. By the end of the post if your interested in buying anything that I’ve bought I will leave the links when i write about each product and if you want to go and look at the website I will leave it below! I also have a 10% off code on anything off that website: FEDL10 

And if 5 or more people order using my discount code then I can hold a giveaway with them! So look out for that. Please let me know when you have ordered because I would love to know what you picked and if you used my discount code! 😇

I also wanted to say this review is it sponsored. These are all my own opinions and I promise I would say I liked something if really didn’t. I want everyone reading my posts to trust me. So yes enjoy! 👍🏼

Nurbesten website: www.nurbesten.de

Instagrams: @nurbesten @nurbesten.de

The first thing I received was a lovely set of 5 eyeshadow brushes. These looked fascinating to me on the website all the different angles they came with and I was so intrigued that I had to get them! They are so soft and they blend our eyeshadow amazingly. They feel like the quality of my Real Techniques brushes and that is saying something but seriously these are incredible! So if you are thinking of buying something from this post make it these! 😍

Link: Eyeshadow brushes

The 2nd thing I received is a Born Pretty Purple soak off gel polish. Please excuse my badly painted nails I did them really quickly so that I could show the colour. It’s so pretty and it does actually dry as a gel nail polish. I really want to get more of these as they do other colours  and the packaging is adorable! 💍

Link: Nail Polish

I chose a beautiful necklace aswell. It’s two necklaces joined as one I believe and it has a oval shaped turquoise gem on the end of one chain and on the other it has just a sliver line thing. This is very delicate and pretty and it looks so lovely with most outfits. I love the turquoise because it’s my birthstone. So yeh this is stunning. ☘️

Link: Necklace

For another jewellery piece I picked up a ring. Now this can be deceiving because it does look like there are two separate rings but no! Aha it is one ring and then it’s got like a connecting but and one of them has a pretty jewel on it and the other has just lots of circular jewels in a row. I love the way this ring looks and I’m definitely going to be wearing it a lot! 😋

Link: Ring

The last thing I received was a lipbalm. Now this looks like an EOS but it’s not. It it just a circular blue lipbalm with a circular lid and bottom. It’s in the shade Romantic Bear and it is clear. It’s very moisturising and it’s quite different to any lipbalm I’ve had before! I can’t guarantee you will get the one that I have because you can’t pick they just give you a random one I believe!  ⭐️

Link: Lipbalm

So there we have it! That’s what the lovely company Nurbesten sent me! Please take some time to go and check out their shop it’s amazing! They have some lovely things for such great prices! Please let me know if you’ve ordered anything and whether you used my discount code for 10% off: FEDL10 and then I can hold a giveaway! 😚

Have a lovely week and keep smiling! 👑

Love Floral Eden 🌸



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