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Hello lovelies, ♡

So you all get another extra post this week! I’m sorry that you all have extra posts from me coming out of your ears but today’s is quite an exciting one! 

A company called Eventbrite inspired me to do a post about what events and things I like and can do in my local town and city in the Autumn/ Fall and Halloween time! It’s not the typical thing I would do so I really wanted to do this! 💓

Eventbrite are basically a company which help you to find and plan events all around the world. They are the largest ticketing platform in the world so if you want to take a look which I’m sure you do here’s the link:

Tickets Page

So let’s get on with the post I hope you all enjoy! 🎀

So I actually live in South Wales if you didn’t know, now not many people know Wales that well all they think of is Welsh cakes, Gareth Bayle or Cardiff. But Wales is a lot more than that. I love quite close to Cardiff in a small town called Cwmbran. I doubt many of you would’ve heard of it. But around my area there are quite a few bits that you can do in the autumn and Halloween season! ✨

The first thing I love to do is going to a supermarket or farm to choose a pumpkin. Now my favourite is a farm obviously but this year I actually didn’t have a lot of time so I picked one up from my local Tesco and I carved it and it isn’t that great but you know. I bought quite a huge one but it was so fun to do! 😇

I love going for autumn walks the best. I also love it when they are so super local! Like I just had a walk around my local cricket club and admired the beautiful scenery and leaves. My brother then came and scared me but he was a great help with some of the more arty shots which weren’t totally arty but fun anyway! I also brought my scarf back out for the first time and I’m glad it’s finally getting colder! 😋


The Halloween displays in shops are always good. I went to Hobby Craft and again I’m the supermarket they had good displays. Me and my brother were messing around with the masks and they had such great displays! So interactive with the smaller children and they just looked good you know! 🍂

For food I like going to a cute little coffee shop. On this morning I went to a Museum coffee shop with my mum for cake and a drink. It was very lovely and having a museum on my door step is very lovely aswell! The food is good too! 🙈

The last thing I’m including in today’s post is that I love to go for a walk with my family. Today it was just me and my mum after our food at the cafe and it was in my local park! 🌻

So I really hope you have enjoyed this post thanks for reading and please make sure you go and check out Eventbrite. I hope you now feel inspired to go and explore your local town!  I also want to thank Cara who has been so patient with me! 😚

Love Floral Eden 🌸



  1. October 29, 2016 / 4:20 pm

    I really like Eventbrite! It’s where I find tickets for blogging events. Also, lovely pictures!

  2. October 29, 2016 / 5:25 pm

    All of these photos are amazing! I went to Wales this Summer and loved it💕

  3. October 31, 2016 / 8:37 am

    Lovely post- really makes me even more excited for Autumn (if that’s even possible haha!). I LOVE going for walks as everything looks so pretty all orange and yellow and then popping into Starbucks for my favourite hot chocolate! xx

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