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Today’s blog post is going to be totally different to any blog post I have ever done before. A company called Fundera (who are a company that support small businesses that are unique to different areas and helps them get the funding they need to be successful.) They have inspired me to write a blog post to let all you guys know about Small Business Saturday which is the 26th November. As we are getting closer to the Christmas and holiday season it is very important to support your favourite local businesses such as stores and shops and that’s what Small Business Saturday is all about! I really hope you enjoy this blog post and become aware of what is around in your area and what you can explore! ?

Fundera website for small business loans:

So this campaign is called ‘Take the Pledge’ which is basically where Fundera want to make you aware of all the small businesses this Saturday 26th November which is Small Business Saturday! It’s really important to support the smaller business because they contribute to the economy so much with them making up:

99.7% of US employer firms

54% of sales in the US

33% of the US’s exports value

So small businesses aren’t just important to us they are also important to the  economy and they need to be supported!

So around my area I have lots of smaller businesses that I am going to make sure I support this small businesses Saturday. There are lots of smaller chic and cute shops and lovely sweet cafes to try. I love living in Wales because there are so many local business around which are so lovely! I really do love the gardens that we have around that we can publically view and the wetlands are lovely for a walk! I love getting out and exploring the nature that I are local to me but I am also a sucker for shopping so that definitely wins in my book! ?

As we get into the Christmas season lots more shopping will be going on and maybe rather than heading straight to the high street stores try and find somewhere you have never been before. We all tend to find ourselves in the same shops as we were last black Friday or Christmas Eve. Some small businesses just need that extra push or sale from all of you to make a difference to their lives. ??

Lots and lots of people support Small business Saturday every year and it would be so great if all of you could to! In 2010 Small Business Saturday had 1.2 million supporters and it has been growing ever since so let’s all join in and support this year! ??

So if you want to support your local businesses this Saturday 26th then go out and explore when you can and go and find a place you have never been before and have a look! It could end up being your absolute favourite place. There is lots of big business that dominate the smaller ones who are trying to get their names out there and you can help! Make them known on your social Medias, blogs and YouTube channels and spread the message! ?

Thanks so much for reading! Lots of love! ?

Love Floral Eden ?


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