What I Got For Christmas 2016! ♡

Hello my little petals! ♡

So today’s blog post is going to be a What I got for Christmas. Now just a disclaimer before we start, I am not trying to brag or boast in any way at all! I asked if you wanted to see this post and everyone said yes! I really hope you enjoy and I am so so grateful for everything I received! 😌

Also I’m not including my friends presents as taking photos of everything was really difficult and they got me chocolate and a few little bits which I love! 💗

So I will start with what I received in my stocking!

The first thing is a large throw from Primark. This is the softest thing ever and it’s so cosy and warm! I love this a lot and it’s so cute and goes with my bedroom really well and it’s just lush!

I got death in paradise series 5 on DVD which if you have following me for a while you would know that death in paradise is my favourite show of all time and I was so so happy to receive series 5!


The first Happy Jackson thing I got was a pencil case and I already have one but it got really dirty so I have another one. This one is pink and it says Welcome to the naughty case where all the badass pencils come to play! And I find this absolutely hilarious! I am probably going to keep this one at home to keep some stationery bits in!


The next Happy Jackson thing I got was a makeup bag and this is massive so perfect for travelling! It says Wake up Make Up Smile! It is so super cute and the size is perfect for me. I love all the spotty dotty detail on the back aswell!


The last Happy Jackson bit I got was a washbag which says Girly Crap! It’s so cute and relatable because I carry around a lot of rubbish when I am travelling and it’s got lots of different sections and zips inside! I love it!


I got Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express book because I love crime books and TV shows! I can now see whether I like Agatha Christie books and I so hope I do! It looks amazing and I am so excited to give it a good go!


I then got some fluffy socks. Now you can’t go a Christmas without receiving some sort of fluffy item! I love fluffy socks and these are from Primark and so cute!


I then got some well needed circular diamond style earrings from F Hinds and they are so pretty and I really did need some new earrings so these were such a good present!

The next thing I got was another DVD and this one came out this year and I really wanted to see it in the cinema but I didn’t have the chance but now I have the DVD so its fine! It is the Age of Adaline DVD and I just cannot wait to watch it as it looks incredible!


The last thing in my stocking was a dressing gown from Tesco. It is a yellow one with a floral pattern on it. It is so cosy and soft and I needed a new dressing gown as I wear them all the time and mine was getting too small do I am glad I got another one!

Now I am going to go on to what my family got me. Now all the family members who I don’t mention at all got me money or a voucher so I am very grateful for all of those aswell!

My darling mum and stepdad got me a camera and I still can’t believe it. I got the Canon EOS 1200D and I am so happy! I am still trying to get to grips with it but this is the first blog post I am using it in and I love it! I also got a bag and a SD card to go with it! I have taken all these photos with my new camera so i hope you all like the quality let me know your thoughts below!

I then got a Flash gun to go with it and this is the Nissun digital i40 lighting system so that I can take photos in the dark and at night with no trouble because I have lighting!


I got Girl Online Going Solo by Zoella because I really wanted to read it and find out what happens to penny next! I actually got this from my dad aswell but I am selling that one for £10 so if you are interested comment below!


I got some slipper socks from Peacocks and they look so cosy and warm and I am not going to be short of any cosy clothing for a while so it’s great!

The last thing I got was the Soap & Glory suitcase which has so many glorious products. I won’t list them all because there are so many but there is facial wash, body wash, scrubs and some makeup bits! It is so lovely and I have already delved in and I am loving it!

Moving on to my father, he got me superstars! I have been wanting the turquoise mint bluey green ones forever and I got them! I am so happy and they are absolutely stunning to me but I do understand that they are not everyone’s cup of tea!

He got me two coats one of them is from Trespass and it’s a padded windproof black coat with white sleeves and panelling. It is so warm and I love it a lot. It is perfect for the winter months and I love it!

The other coat he got me was one from H&M. It is a padded kind of cropped burgundy coat it’s so soft and cosy again. And I was lacking on coats so I am very grateful to have some new ones!

The next things he got me I am over the moon about and I still can’t believe I actually own these things. He got me 2 things from Urban Decay the first thing is the Naked 3 which I have wanted for ages and it is absolutely stunning! The shades are so me and I am in so much love with it. The other Urban decay thing my dad got me was the  Pervesion mascara and it is amazing so far and then to top it all off he got me a makeup experience so I can book to get my makeup done at urban decay! I can’t wait!

He then got me a Little Mix 2017 calendar and he got me a new ipad case which was really needed! I love both of these!

Moving on to my grandparents on my mums side. They got me  £5O Debenhams voucher, H&M sparkly tights and a sparkly makeup bag purse thing which is so cute! Thank you granny and grandpa if you’re reading!

My auntie and uncle got me a £25 iTunes voucher which has already been spent! They got me a fizzy orange fix bar from Miss Patisserie which smells amazing and they also got me Kendall and Kylie’s book which is called Rebels: City of Indra. This looks amazing and I am so excited to read it! Thank you so much Liz and Rowan!

From my grandparents cousins I got a list book which is such a great present for me because I love making lists about so many things! They then got me a beautiful turquoise zebra blue pen it’s gorgeous and so lovely! I am so grateful for these, thank you!

My nanny (on my dad’s side) got me a pandora ring and she got me the princess tiara ring. I am in love with this ring and I am so grateful for it! She then got me the lush autumn leaf bath bomb, some cute slippers and a strawberry print wash bag and it’s so cute! Thank you so much Nan I love them!

The last thing I received was from my grandmother in law! She got me this Bobino folding phone holder which you basically hook the circular bit around your charger then fold the other bit and you put your phone on it so it is out the way! This is so cool, thank you!

So there we have it that’s what I got for Christmas! I really hope you enjoyed this and I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Lots of love! xx

Floral Eden



  1. January 5, 2017 / 7:30 pm

    Aw it looks like you got some lovely gifts, especially those fluffy socks!! I also received girl online going solo and I can’t wait to read it! Also your new camera looks amazing xxx

    • January 5, 2017 / 7:30 pm

      Yes I did thank you! Aw twins and thank you so much it is xxx

  2. January 6, 2017 / 5:25 am

    Your gifts look so nice!! The Naked 3 palette that you received is absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. January 6, 2017 / 8:28 am

    sounds like you had a great christmas, I have that throw and it is so soft I love it!

  4. January 6, 2017 / 5:56 pm

    So glad you had a lovely Christmas! The camera quality is amazing Eden xx

    • January 6, 2017 / 5:57 pm

      Yes I did hope you did too. Thank you I’m really pleased with it. Xxx

      • January 6, 2017 / 5:59 pm

        Aw I did thank you, so excited for your further posts in 2017!! x

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