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Hello my little stars, ♡

Welcome to another blog post from me. I hope you are all well and good, todays blog post is going to be a review of my beauty advent calendar that I had throughout the advent season. It was a 24 days one from Active Cosmetics and it was £15 from a beauty outlet shop. I was not expecting to be that pleased but I actually was so surprised with the quality of the products considering the price so I wanted to do a full review, swatches and I wanted to show one of the products in use. So I really hope you enjoy and let’s get started.

So let’s start with my favourite products from the calendar and the things I know I will get the most use out of which is of course the eyeshadows. So the eyeshadows came in quads which are groups of 4. They were square palettes and square eyeshadows. The pigmentation of all the different shades I receive was incredible and there is not too much fall out. The only downside is that I did find some of the shades really chalky but that is expected as these are cheaper makeup products. Here are some swatches of the eye products:

The next thing I was really impressed with was that on day 2 I had a palette where you could put in all different square or circular pans and mix them up and change them. This palette is really great quality and it’s really thin so perfect or travelling. I was just really impressed with it and I was surprised! ( It is shown in the pics above! )

So let’s go to lips next! I received 2 lipsticks in the calendar one pink and one red. The red is really pink toned, it is really pretty and it’s definitely my favourite out of the two. The pink is a nudey, Barbie pink and this is also really pretty but not so me. They are both quite creamy and waterbased!

I then received 2 lipglosses in tubes. Now these are definitely not my favourite but it’s not to say these are bad. I don’t like the formula and they are tacky and quite sticky. Again we have a nudey shade and a pinky red. They are okay, just not my faves.

I then got 2 lipgloss quads and I really don’t like these. The texture is just not nice and I don’t use  lipgloss out of quads anyway but it is personal opinion.

The next things I am going to talk about are the blushes. Now before we properly get into this I am not really a blusher fan as I find it makes me look really bad and made up as I have really pale skin so I haven’t tried these as blushes.  I have indeed tried these as eyeshadows and they are really lovely and pigmented and not too chalky. They are just super pretty and I am impressed!

The next things are nail polishes. Again I got a pink and a red one. These are both really pretty and you need about 2 layers to get them fully opaque looking but if you want just a light coat one is fine aswell. They have good brush sizes and they are great for cheaper nail polishes!

Two more eye products I got in the calendar are mascara and pencil lipliner. I haven’t really tested the pencil lip liner as I don’t use  lipliner anyway as I just cannot do it! The mascara wand is really small but it is quite thin and doesn’t look too clumpy. Actually on the eyes it is really separating and lengthening it does go a bit clumpy after a few layers but it is actually really lovely and I must remember to use it!

The last few bits in the advent calendar were tools for makeup. The sharpener is great and the spongy eye brush is good for packing on  colour but the lip brush I wouldn’t use anyway but it is quite cheap and it’s not very good.


So there we have it that’s the review of my advent calendar! I really hope you enjoyed! Here is everything from it in some pics:

Lots of Love,

Floral Eden xx



  1. January 19, 2017 / 9:19 pm

    Great post! Really helpful 🙂

  2. Claire Talks Beauty
    January 25, 2017 / 3:02 am

    Wow what a beautiful eyeshadow palette! Love it

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