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Hello my little petals! ♡

I hope everyone reading this is happy and healthy! Spread positivity around like glitter! Brighten someone’s day! ⭐️

Today’s post is going to be a haul post. As I’ve been picking up a few bits as I had some money and vouchers for my birthday and Christmas which I was so grateful for! I am not trying to brag or boast at all, I just really wanted to do this post to show you what I have bought so if you think I’m bragging or you don’t like these posts please click off. Let’s begin! ✨

The first things I’ll go into are the things I bought from Debenhams. I had a few vouchers so I decided to look online and see what was in the sale or was there etc. 💗

The first 2 things I ordered before my birthday and they were the Too faced chocolate Bon bons eyeshadow pallete. This is just stunning, the shades are so pigmented and it’s amazing! I have been wanting this for ages and let me tell you I am not disappointed in the slightest. It is definitely worth the £39.00 I paid for it! It smells of chocolate and the eyeshadows are really creamy and easy to blend and yes my new favourite palette by far. 😍

 The other thing I picked up was the Urban decay naked concealer and it was £17.50. You will all probably know that the Naked concealer is so hyped up! I really wanted to try it so see what the hype was all about and let me tell you it wasn’t hyped for no reason! This stuff is so full coverage, lightweight and blendable. I definitely see a difference between my beloved collection one and this. It’s insane and I’m so glad I’ve added it to my collection.⭐️

With a National book voucher I went to looking for a book out of Zoe’s book club as I tend to love all her recommendations. I chose the 12 days of Dash & Lily in the end. Now I haven’t started reading this yet but it is a book themed around Christmas and I thought that it would be a lovely book to read and as it was Zoe’s recommendation it shouldn’t disappoint! It was £7.99 and I can’t wait to give it a try!

I purchased an Tripod from Amazon. It is from a brand called Hanma and I don’t really know much about tripods but I think it’s really pretty and it will be a great starter one for me. It was £19.50 all together including postage and it’s pretty easy to use and I really love it! 💖

The only other non makeup bits now are my boots and my bag. So these are both from Debenhams. The Boots are actually originally Dorothy Perkins but Debenhams were selling them on their website. They were £25 in the sale I believe and they are so super comfortable. They are a black chealsea boot so it is what you would expect but I do really love them. The bag I got is from a brand called Yumi which is never heard of before. This was £17 in the sale and it is a little waist body shoulder bag if that’s any way to describe it. It’s a lovely tan colour which will go with a lot and it feels really great quality.

Now all the rest are makeup bits so enjoy!

I picked up 2 things from MAC as I had a voucher. I picked up the well known Fix + spray because I have been wanting to try this for ages. I love the way it feels when you spray it, it’s really refreshing and I quite like the scent. I spray it to set all my makeup in place and it does. Nothing budged all day! And then the other MAC thing I picked up was the Careblend powder. When I researched this one was the best for dry skin. I got mine in the shade light. It’s a really light powder but sets everything in place really nicely without it making it look cakey which is fab! I’m loving these 2 so far!

The other 2 makeup bits are from Debenhams again. I chose a MAC lipstick in the shade Please Me which is a matte finish and it’s a really pretty rosy pink similar to my flowerscope but it’s a little bit lighter and of course it’s matte. I swatched it a few months ago and ever since I knew that was one I would have to get! The other makeup product is a very well known highlighter. Stop reading now and go and comment which one you think I got without cheating………..

Of course it’s the Mary Lou manizer by the Balm cosmetics. Of course I needed to add this to my collection. Of course this is quite pricey at £17.50 for a highlighter but I do love highlight and I definitely thought I needed it in my collection and I’m so happy I have it. It’s so so stunning but now I feel I really need a fan brush as I don’t have one and it just doesn’t feel right applying Mary Lou without one!


The last things I am going to be talking about are my birthday presents from my friends! 4 of my best friends actually all clubbed together and surprised me so much with a Pandora charm for my bracelet. It’s a heart one saying Best Friend and it’s so cute! I’m in love with it a lot as my friends all did that for me and it means a lot. They also bought me a canvas about friendships and that good friends glow. I can’t remember what it exactly says but you will see it in the photo! Thanks so much to my best friends, it means so much! 😙

My other close friend got me 2 makeup bits from the body shop which i was overly grateful for! She got my the British rose eyeshadow palette and this is gorgeous! The eyeshadows are really blendable and pretty and I love he mix of shades you get! The other thing she got me was a lipgloss! I’m not sure what scent or flavour this is in but is so super cute and it smells really lovely! 😌

So that’s it for my haul! I really hope you have enjoyed! Have a great week! 😝

Love Floral Eden xoxoxo



    • February 9, 2017 / 6:18 pm

      Yes I love them all. Thanks so much c

  1. February 9, 2017 / 8:17 pm

    I bought the chocolate bon bons palette last year because it’s sooo pretty and does smell delish, however I can’t say I use it too much. I prefer the original chocolate bar palette if you don’t have it.. you definitely NEED it!! Also Mary-lou is a must have! Such lovely gifts to yourself and from friends 🙂 <3

    • February 9, 2017 / 8:19 pm

      Yes I definitely will have to purchase the original chocolate bar! And I totally agree! Thank you 💗xx

  2. February 13, 2017 / 7:16 am

    Loved reading this, glad you had a successful shopping trip!😜💗

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    • February 13, 2017 / 4:32 pm

      Thank you so much. Is there a email I can contact to get more information? Thanks

        • February 13, 2017 / 5:22 pm

          Also just wondering when I write a post what do I do with it? Where do I email if off to?

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