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Good evening my little cherubs!

Well, this is something very exciting and very new. Floral Eden has sadly come to an end, I have been thinking about changing my name and kind of blog style for ages but I never could think of a good name so I just left it. I then decided on Sunday to ask for your guys ideas over on my instagram which is now: @everythingedenx and I got so so many comments so thank you all so much. I then narrowed it down to two where were: everything Eden and life as Eden and then I did a poll on my twitter which now had the same name as my instagram and i asked you guys again on instagram to pick between the two! I think it go to around 80% of people wanting  everything Eden and I was pretty sure that was the one I wanted! I then finally asked on here for which name you preferred as you are the people who read my posts!So now I have changed everything and this is where we are at!

If you liked some of my old posts don’t worry or fret they are all still there for you to go and read whenever you like! They will all be kept originally how they are just posts from now on will be slightly different, there are definitely more chatty posts with a lot more advice and I am starting a new series called positive chats! So I hope you are all excited for that to come!

I do have a new business email though: everythingeden31@gmail.com

Also instagram and twitter: @everythingedenx

That is it really, I am still the same person well I am not the same person as I was nearly 2 years ago when I created Floral Eden but i am still the same person you saw on Sunday or last week for example I had just out grown floral and I hope you can all understand and support me!

Posts will be still at the same time: Thursdays at 6pm GMT

I really hope you decided to join me on this new and exciting journey! If not thank you for reading my blog throughout the past nearly 2 years it means a lot.

Lots if love,

Eden xoxoxoxo







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