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Anyway today’s blog post is going to be a post about something that inspired me. I have chosen a book which I will get into later. But first this post is a collab with the lovely Tiana. She has just recently started her blog and you should definitely go and check it out! She is also doing a post about something that inspires her! 

Tiana’s blog:

Let’s begin!

So my chosen inspirational thing is a book that I recently received for easter. It is ‘ I am Malala ‘ by Malala Yousafzai. If you don’t know who she is, she is a girl who was fighting for all girls and deprived children to get an education all around the world. She lived in Pakistan where the Taliban ( an Islamic Fundamentalist movement) were taking over, they didn’t want girls to have an education or leave the house without a male to accompany them. And they also believed in lots of other things that weren’t and still aren’t right. Malala decided to fight against what the Taliban said like lots of other people. The Taliban wanted to silence Malala so on the afternoon of 9th October 2012 on her way home from school on the bus the Taliban stopped the bus and asked who she was and then shot her 3 times at her face and also 2 of her friends got shot aswell. She miraculously survived and she now lives in the U.K. where she still preaches all she believes in and also has won so so many prizes and awards for all the wonderful work she has done. She then wrote a book and also a film is coming out I believe. 

I did know who she was before I had this book but I had no idea how bad the problems were around her. She is such a strong person and she’s such an inspiration to us all! I kind of wanted to write a response to her aswell. As this boom did inspire me so much. 

‘ Malala, you are one of the strongest women that exists to this day. You have gone through so much and you deserve the world and the starts to commend you. I hope you carry on doing what you believe in and eventually change the whole world so all people think differently and the right way. You have inspired me so much and everyone should know what you have done.’

This book is so incredible so if you are interested and haven’t read it you definitely should! 

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  1. June 1, 2017 / 12:47 pm

    Malala is so inspiring! I learnt about her in primary xx

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