My Room At Christmas! ♡

Good evening everyone! ♡

I hope you are all doing super well! Welcome to Blogmas Week day 4! I guess if you are back again, you are enjoying the posts right! Don’t forgot to leave a like if you want it next year!

Today’s post is going to be how my room is decorated for Christmas! I love Christmas as I mention all the time and I love to deck my room out! It is not very much but i love doing my tree etc! Enjoy!

So I tend to put all different tinsel everywhere! Tinsel is one of mt favourite Christmas decorations. In these photos I took one of my bookshelve with some lovely blue tinsel on it with hints of sliver, I belive it is from Poundland last year. It is so super pretty and with my star fairy lights which are also from Poundland it looks really sweet and Christmassy! You don’t need to spend a lot on decorations to get some super pretty ones!

Moving on to my bed! I decided last year that it was about time I got some Christmas themed bedding so that is what I did! I am not ashamed to say that I belive my mum got it from Amazon for a really reasonable price. It is grey and covered in snowflakes, it is super soft and really thick so it is super cosy for the cold winter nights! I also have fairy lights from IKEA on my headboard and that just adds to the Christmassy feel of my bed!

Moving onto the last thing but definitely not least it is my tree! It is a white fake one from B&M bargains, it is 4ft and I really love how it looks in my room. The decorations are soe my mum kindly gave me from her collection, they are all super lush!¬ Some of them are from Christmas shops, Wilkinson’s, Asda etc! Also a really pretty one that my friends mum designed! The lights on the tree are also from IKEA and I have no idea where the tinsel is from but it goes really well with my silver, gold and blue theme! What theme do you have on your tree? Or is it just stuff it all on aha?

I love my tree so much just from these photos aw!

I hope you have all enjoyed this short and sweet blog post! Christmas countdown: 5 days to go woo!

Lots of merry wishes!

Eden xx


  1. December 20, 2017 / 9:14 pm

    Your room is so pretty! I too invested in some Christmas bedding and how doesn’t love some tinsel! Sorry for not being as active lovely, schools been so busy xx

    • December 20, 2017 / 9:15 pm

      It’s okay I totally understand thanks for the comment babes! Xxx

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