Christmas Q&A! ♡

Good evening everyone! ♡

Today’s post is a very last minute Christmas themed Q&A that I decided to do. It’s day 6 of blogmas week I hope you are all enjoying the posts! Can’t believe there is 3 days until Christmas! There was another post planned but I decided a Q&A was well overdue! Thank you so much to everyone who asked me a question it is all much appreciated!

Q1: @ella.roseeex asked: what was the best Christmas gift you ever received?

A: I think it was my camera or my phone I love them so much!

Q2: @octoberslallublog asked: what is your favourite Christmas song?

A: I love so many songs, but some ones I can name off the top of my head are: last Christmas, all I want for Christmas is you, band aid, home for Christmas and Santa baby!

Q3: @jack_deyes asked: what 5 things do you love about Christmas?

A: 1. Family

2. Food

3. Music

4. Movies

5. Decorations

Q4: @rosetpics asked: do you have a real tree or a fake tree?

A: I have a fake tree because my mum doesn’t really like the mess but I would love to have lots of real ones when I am older!

Q5: @designerworldstudio asked: how do you celebrate Christmas?

A: I spend time with family, spread love and cheer and eat lots of good food!

Q6: @lifelikeagalaxygirl asked: do you have any traditions?

A: I always put the tree up on the 1st December and decorate the house. We always stay in on Christmas eve and have a cute evening with hot chocolates and a Christmas movie!

Q7: @lifelikeagalaxygirl also asked: what are your plans for Christnas this year?

A: I am going to my auntie and uncles for Christmas dinner and seeing my dad in the morning! Then on Boxing Day I’m going to see my nan and my other auntie and uncle!

Q8: @lifelikeagalaxygirl asked again: what is your favourite decoration?

A: I don’t know but I love so many it it probably tinsel! ✨

Q9: @lifeasnajida asked: What is your Christmas tradition?

A: Probably putting the tree up, I love Christmas trees so much there’s nothing that can beat them!

Q10: @basicallyyjess asked: bauble colour?

A: Any colours, mainly gold, red green etc as they are the most Christmassy colours!

Q11: @onlymilx asked: favourite Christmas food?

A: Pigs in blankets or lebukuchen or chocolates like roses or quality streets!

Q12: @emmaonlinee asked: fave Christmas movie?

A: Nativity or any Christmas specials such as Gavin and Stacey etc!

Q13: @alexandraageorgiaa asked: what is one gift you have always wanted but never received?

A: I always wanted a tree house or a little car, you know the super cute ones that babies can drive!

Q14: asked: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

A: Christmas Day definitely. Christmas Eve is lovely but the night is terrible I can never sleep because I am still as excited as a little 4 year old aha!

Q15: @itsonlyrebecca asked: do you out a star or an angel on your tree?

A: Star! 🌟

Q16: @itsonlyrebecca also asked: favourite place to go for Christmas?<<<<<< ably my grandparents even though it is super cramped I love the way my granny decorates her house at Christmas! Q17: @bryonybakerr asked: what’s the best present you received as a child?<<<<<< ot really sure, I loved so many gifts but probably my little plastic kitchen, my scooter or my baby Annabelle doll! Q18: @lifestylebymarshalee asked: what are you most thankful for in 2017?<<<<<< he lessons I’ve been taught, my friends and my family who have been there for me and just 2017 being a great year! Q19: @hebahpervaiz asked: what is your favourite thing about Christmas? <<<<<< and spending time with family! Q20: @everythingmexx asked: what are you asking for?<<<<<< up and clothes mainly, I actually really enjoy being surprised! Q21: @everythingmexx asked: do you prefer the run up to Christmas or Christmas Day?<<<<<< un up because people get all happy and lovely around Christmas and the run up lasts way longer than the actual day! That’s it for today’s post! I hope you all enjoyed it! If you have any other questions leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them. Lots of love, Eden xxx


  1. December 22, 2017 / 6:37 pm

    Loved your answers xx

  2. December 22, 2017 / 7:06 pm

    Loved reading your answers! I have a fake tree too 💗

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